Ink2Work creates viable and sustainable jobs for prisoners while in custody, leading to vocational skills qualification. Our partnership with Depot International lets us train higher performing offenders to become qualified service technicians in HP, Xerox, Canon, and more, while in custody. 

We seek to engage leading edge skills and process to create Lean 6 Sigma manufacturing modules, inside and outside of prisons, where products can be repeatedly produced with world-class yield, quality, service, and within the required cost envelope.

We leverage State and Local Government supply chain to provide prisoners with end to end "out-of-cell" and "through-the-gate" employment opportunities to aggressively reduce re-offending and deliver compelling social value to the community.

Through our partnership with the Business Technology Association we can place released offenders with jobs over 1,000 office supplies dealers. 


Our business Model

We believe in a cooperative joint venture approach and deliver a "one stop shop" to state agency customers through a blended supply chain. 

Remanufacturing printer cartridges lends itself well to prison industry operations. Capital Costs are low and there is little scope for automation. In addition, being so labor intensive, the vast majority of established printer cartridge remanufacturing takes place in low unit labor cost economies, such as SE Asia, so the likelihood of disruption to indigenous competitors is remote. 

Our approach is economically viable for both parties and sustainable for the long term with identified growth opportunities and triple bottom line benefits.


Environmental Impact

Remanufactured toner cartridges and ink jets are usually sold for 30% less than the price of new products. They also can contain up to 90% reused and recycled content and are tested to the same specification as new products. The result is a cheaper product which is as good as new with a significantly smaller environmental impact. 

The carbon footprint avoidable by remanufacturing cartridges sits at around 60%. These cartridges can be remanufactured up to 4 times, the carbon and material savings associated with remanufacturing cartridges are substantial.